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Dutch Desk

last modified Jul 31, 2008 05:33 PM

Laga has developed extensive experience and expertise in helping Dutch companies operating in Belgium as well as Belgian companies contemplating opportunities in The Netherlands. We provide tailor made and integrated solutions to the variety of issues at stake.

The Laga Dutch Desk

The Dutch Desk is located at Laga’s Antwerp office under the leadership of Tim Baart, a Dutch national and law graduate from the University of Leuven who started his career as legal consultant and recognised tax consultant with Deloitte before joining Laga as a partner. The members of the Dutch Desk are all highly qualified and experienced professionals, fluent in the Dutch language, who combine a sound knowledge of the Dutch market and legislation with their expertise in the Belgian legal framework. They act as advisors to various Belgian and international companies in different sectors and provide legal services to a large number of Dutch companies active in Belgium.

Help is at hand

We provide our Dutch Desk clients with personalised assistance coordinated by a contact person in charge of the project. This contact person is, in turn, supported by a team of professionals specialised in the various legal and tax aspects involved. In addition, we work closely with experts in different jurisdictions and areas of industry which enables us to provide high quality integrated services for any project.

We advise our clients with regard to:

  • Choosing the appropriate business vehicle,
  • Drafting tailor-made by-laws,
  • Complying with all incorporation or registration formalities,
  • Drafting minutes and carrying out formalities with regard to board meetings, annual shareholders meetings (corporate housekeeping),
  • Acquisitions – mergers – joint ventures: we offer legal support during all phases of the transaction,
  • Drafting and analysis of all kinds of commercial contracts;
  • Labour law and immigration issues including employment contracts, salary splits, dismissal, work councils, work permits, visas, professional cards,
  • Liquidation procedures,
  • Banking & Finance Law issues,
  • Tax Law aspects,

Tim Baart