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Chinese Services Group

last modified Feb 25, 2009 12:14 PM

The Chinese Services Group is located at Laga’s Brussels (Diegem) office, and is run by a team of professionals highly specialised and experienced in the local Chinese and Asian markets and the accompanying legal frameworks.

This team’s aim is to meet the needs of clients based in China who wish to develop their activities abroad as well as those of Belgian companies who are planning to become involved in the Chinese or Asian markets.

What we offer

Services provided through the Chinese Services Group will be personally tailored to the client’s wants and needs. A project coordinator is appointed and with the support of his/her team, this coordinator will serve as the client’s liaison and guide to all aspects of the unfamiliar market and the related, often confusing legal frameworks, efficiently providing solutions to the myriad difficulties of establishing a presence in the foreign economy, whether Chinese or Belgian. Furthermore, close collaboration with experts in the different jurisdictions and areas of industry concerned allows us to provide a range of high quality integrated services.

If accounting, consulting and corporate finance issues are involved, Laga works closely with financial, assurance and consulting specialists worldwide and throughout Belgium and is therefore able to deliver solutions adapted to a client’s needs. Our collaborators are widespread and can therefore deliver solutions adapted to any specific regional needs that may arise.

Services in Belgium

The Chinese Services Group, together with the professional expertise of our collaborators, provides legal and tax services in the following areas: